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This calendar shows all events run by/for the Classic Rally Club, together which events used in calculating the CRC Club Championship (which are shown in blue).

See the Other events calendar for a list of other rallies and car-related events to which the CRC has received an official invitation (i.e. Club plate vehicles can be used to attend these events). The Events of interest calendar shows other events that members may be interested in, but to which we have not received an official invitation (i.e. Club plate vehicles should not be used to attend).

If you would like to see your rally or rallying-related event listed on the site, please contact the webmaster.


The following information is preliminary at this time and is subject to final confirmation by the relevant organisers. The information has been supplied to the CAMS NSW Rally Panel, to allow them to hopefully co-ordinate with other similar rally events and avoid clashes of dates where possible. Please do not lock in your European holiday dates around this information, which is still subject to possible adjustment!

  • SUN 26 FEB - WOLLONDILLY 270 - Mike Batten/Peter Reed
  • SAT 01 APR - APRIL FOOLS FUN RUN PART 2 - Tony Norman
  • 20 or 21 MAY - Looking for offers to run one day Event.
  • SUN 25 JUN - AROCA TOUR D'COURSE - Carol Both/Tony Wise
  • SUN 06 AUG - RALLY OF THE VALLEY - Phil Stead/Bob Morey
  • SAT 09 & SUN 10 SEP - MG SPRING CLASSIC - Jim Richardson
  • SAT 21 & SUN 22 OCT - ALPINE CLASSIC - Ross Warner/John Cooper
These proposed dates avoid other major Events i.e. Targa Tasmania and double de-merit long weekends. Mothers and Fathers Days are also kept free. If you have any queries please contact Tony on 0402 759 811.



Date Event Docs/Info Contact
6 Feb CRC Training Run Location: NW Sydney Tony Norman 0402 759 811 or 9804 1439
23 Feb CRC meeting    

28 Feb

Wolondilly 270



22 Mar CRC meeting    

2 Apr

Compass Run

26 Apr CRC meeting    

30 Apr-1 May

Barry Ferguson Classic C.C.

24 May CRC meeting    

29 May

Tour d' Course Completed  
28 Jun CRC meeting    

9 July

Sophies Run


26 Jul CRC meeting    

7 Aug

Rally of the Valley


23 Aug CRC meeting    
10-11 Sep 2016 MG Classic


27 Sep CRC meeting    

22-23 Oct

2016 alpine classic Ross Warner
0409 810 553
25 Oct CRC meeting    
22 Nov CRC meeting - AGM    
Mid- Dec Club Christmas party