National Touring Code

The Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS) maintains Sporting Regulations for various disciplines. Navigation Assemblies are run under the 2019 National Touring Code.

2019 National Touring Code (NTC)

This document can be found on the CAMS website at

CAMS have shown the changes to the 2018 NTC in blue font.

NSW amendments to the National Touring Code

Amending Rules for use within NSW have been adopted as NSW Standing Touring Bulletin 4 (NSW STB 4).

They can be found at the NSW Rally Panel 'About Rallying' page:

It is planned that the Supp Regs for each Navigation Assembly will include a copy of this document.

Differences from the former NSW Touring Code

Rallies in NSW were previously run under the 2018 National Touring Code with NSW Amendments. This combined document has now been cancelled. From 2019 there will be no combined document.