National Touring Code

The Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS) maintains Sporting Regulations for various disciplines. Rallies are run under the National Touring Code 2018.

NSW amendments to the National Touring Code

 Amending Rules for use within NSW have been adopted as NSW Standing Touring Bulletins (NSW STB) 2 & 3.

Both bulletins are available as .pdf files on the Rally NSW website:

If the above links don't work, refer to the Rally NSW 'About Rallying' page:

The only change has been that Touring Assemblies have been replaced, for our purposes, with Navigation Assemblies and that Divisions (lunch and end of day) can now be timed to enable a practical completion of lunch and the event.

Combined document

An unofficial document which merges the National Touring Code with the rules from STB 2 & 3 is available on the Rally NSW website. This is to facilitate easy reading by competitors and officials.

This document is available a .pdf file on the Rally NSW website:

Background to amendments

The NSW Standing Touring Bulletin 2 (STB 2) reflects the amended rules that are very much NSW centric, have been used repeatedly and were included in the NSW Provisional document. They have now been re-written to refer to the re-numbered articles in the NTC.

There were a few changes that were made by CAMS in the creation of the National Touring Code that were not considered appropriate by the Touring Sub-Committee of the NSW Rally Panel and amendments to revert those to as close as practical to NSW former best practice have been made as NSW Standing Touring Bulletin 3.

Mike Batten will be discussing the issues in STB 3 with CAMS during the year to try and have as many as possible changed in the National Touring Code for 2019.

It is hoped that STB 3 will eventually become redundant over time as the NTC is amended to reflect the changes of STB 3.

Differences from the former NSW Touring Code

Rallies in NSW were previously run under the NSW Touring Code (Provisional). This has now been cancelled.