Club Championships

Results from all Classic Rally Club events, plus certain other designated rallies, are used to calculate the overall Club Champions.


Awards are made to the Champion Driver and the Champion Navigator in each of the three Rally categories: Master, Apprentice and Tour.

For 2009 we’re going to add another category to our championship leagues tables: this one to be called “Future Stars in a Rally Car”. It’s simple to qualify: competitors just need to be under 30 at 1 January 2009. Whether driver or navigator, tour, apprentice or masters, you will all be competing against each other for the Future Star trophy at the end of the year. You’ll get exactly the same points as you get in the normal championship, with the same number of rally days counting to the total.

It will help the Championship Points Scorer (Jeff West) if you let him know if you are under 30, otherwise he will just have to guess – and that may embarrass some of you!


Competitors in rally events are awarded points depending upon their placing in the event. Please note, however, that emphasis is on participation in a classic car. If entrants compete in a non-classic vehicle, only their best two rallying days (highest point-scoring days) are used in calculating their championship points.

The Club Championship also recognises and rewards the event-related participation, efforts and contribution of and those acting as event rally directors and officials. Points accumulated as an official will be added to the individual's pointscore in the category in which he/she usually competes. Note: Points can be accumulated as an official in a maximum of two events per year.

For full details, see the Championship Rules (last updated 1 January 2013).

Previous Champions

  Driver Navigator
Master Peter Reed Mike Batten
Apprentice Doug Barbour Xanthea Boardman
Tour Shane Navin Jennifer Navin
Future Star in a Rally Car  
Master Peter Reed Mike Batten
Apprentice Chris Hallam Phil Stead
Tour Greg Yates Karen Yates &
Lachlan Baird
Future Star in a Rally Car  
Master John Cooper Ross Warner
Apprentice Doug Barbour Xanthea Boardman
Tour Jim Baird Lachlan Grave
Future Star in a Rally Car Lachlan Baird
Master Bob Morey Teresa Morey
Apprentice Tim McGrath Phil Stead
Tour Greg Yates Grace Brumby
Future Star in a Rally Car Grace Brumby
Master Rob Panetta Jeff West
Apprentice Lauren Mackie Alan Walker
Tour Bruce Smith Wendy Cooper
Future Star in a Rally Car Ben Yates
Master Rob Panetta Jeff West,
Pam Watson (tied)
Apprentice Garth Taylor Ross Warner
Tour Jim Richardson Bev Richardson
Future Star in a Rally Car Michael Friend
Master Robert Panetta John Henderson
Apprentice Bob Morey Teresa Morey
Tour Rob Clare Sue Clare
Master Rob Worboys Jeff West
Apprentice Bob Morey,
Garth Taylor (tied)
Teresa Morey
Tour John Cooper,
Tim McGrath (tied)
Wendy Cooper
Master David Wigley Robert Smith
Apprentice Garth Taylor Ray Arthurs
Tour Ross Warner Kim Warner
Master Rob Worboys Lui MacLennan
Apprentice Dianne Gerlach Brian Foster
Tour Brad Higgins,
Steve Bicket (tied)
Liz Kornhaber,
Matthew Bicket (tied)
2004 Garth Taylor Jeff West
2003 Garth Taylor Lui MacLennan
2002 Garth Taylor Michael St John Cox
2001 Peter Thomson

David Booth

More information

If you have any comments about the Club Championship, please email John Henderson.

If you have any comments or queries about the results themselves, please email CRC points scorer.