Sportsmanship Award

The CRC Sportsmanship Awards are awarded annually to the individual or individuals who, in that year, made a significant contribution to the club or who responded in a way to a club need that deserves recognition. The award recipient is usually announced at the CRC end-of-year/Christmas function.

The initial award was established at the request of and with the support of the Dyer family.

There is now a second Sportsmanship Award supported by the Bryson family.

Award Recipients


Ray Dyer Sportsmanship AwardLui MacLennan and John Henderson

Bryson Family Sportsmanship Award
Jeff West


Ray Dyer Sportsmanship AwardGerald Lee

Bryson Family Sportsmanship Award
Lui MacLennan


Ray Dyer Sportsmanship Award Steve Friend

Bryson Family Sportsmanship Award
Peter Thomson & Gerald Lee

2008 Vince and Kay Harlor
Heather Dux
2006 John Southgate
2005 Ted Norman
2004 Hal Corbould
2003 Geoff and Trish Mills
2002 Sonja and Ernst Luthi
2001 John Lovell
2000 John Cooper
Bill Stevenson,
Mark Hockey,
John Sullivan,
Lui MacLennan