People acting as officials in CAMS-endorsed events such as rallies, touring road events, assemblies, motorkanas etc must licensed.

There are several levels of licensing, and correspondingly increasing levels of training required. The entry or most basic level is as a "trainee official": at this level the individual must act as an official under the supervision of a more experienced licensed official. After completing three full days as a trainee official, the individual may progress to the next level, and so on.

Full details can be found at the CAMS website.

CRC maintains a database of CRC members who are CAMS-licensed officials. If you have any form of CAMS licence to act as an official, please contact the club president and advise your CAMS official licence level.

How to become a CAMS approved Official

The Club needs to keep up a supply of Officials as those qualified to run certain events and do some of the functions end up running all the events and don't compete in the process or leave or "fall off the perch".

The starting levels that everyone has to move through are Trainee and on to General Official.

From there you can start to specialise in Scrutineering, Administration, Event Command and the like.

The process is all explained on the CAMS website.

The process for taking the first steps to becoming a General Official can be summarised as follows:

  1. Pick an event on the clubs calendar that you would like to help on and approach the Clerk of the Course to see if there is a job you could help on.
  2. Go to the Officials page of the CAMS website, and read the information displayed for an overview. (If the link is broken, go to, click on "Members Area", and when that opens click on "Officials".)
  3. Go to the Become an Official page (can be accessed from the menu on the left of the Officials page). This page gives you the 3 steps you will need to take to to move to a Licence as a General Official. Go to the bottom of the page and download the Trainee Licence form.
  4. Take that form along to the event that you have volunteered for (you can complete all you details before you get there). The Clerk of the Course on the day will sign you off (if they thought you acted efficiently) and either send it to CAMS with the event paperwork or give it to you to post in to CAMS.
  5. In the fullness of time you will receive the licence book back from CAMS.
  6. You then have an on-line training to do and some more practical days before you will be eligible for your General Officials Licence.

After that you can work out which jobs you wish to do and discuss further training.

It is very important to find out the current CAMS sequence they require before you start as you can waste a bit of time repeating jobs because they have changed the rules.

(The above information was adapted from a document prepared by Dave Johnson.)