Before any rally, your car needs to be scrutineered, to ensure it is roadworthy for the event.

Photo of a car being scrutineered

Often there is a formal scrutineering/registration session a week before before the event. If you are unable to attend this, or if it is not available, you will need to make arrangements directly with one of the club scrutineers. Occasionally, scrutineering may be available on the morning of the event, but you should not rely on this unless it is specifically stated in the Supplementary Regulations.

Scrutineering Forms

You will need to present a signed Vehicle Safety Check or Scrutineering form before you are allowed to compete.

The above blank forms are generic. If your event has a specific scrutineering form, that form should be used rather than one of the above forms.


A list of CRC members who are authorised scrutineers is available. Remember: These CRC members are volunteers and carry out the scrutineering role as a service to fellow club members. Please do not call these volunteers after 9 pm.

The vehicle owner should take a blank scrutineering form to the scrutineering location. If the event has an event-specific scrutineering form, that form should be taken.